About Juan Tellez

This page contains the professional information about Juan M. Tellez

I have over 25 years of experience in software engineering as an engineer, a manager, a director, and an architect.  I enjoy starting with new companies as an engineer and working my way up into leadership as I have done at the last three companies I worked at.  After proving myself as an engineer and demonstrating leadership and architectural skills I have always been promoted to formal leadership positions.  

I have managed tens of projects over my long career as a manager and technical lead.  At Oracle I managed multiple releases of software per year and a long software release that included a complete rewrite of CRS.  In Apcera using much more agile techniques I managed shorter projects on sprints doing smaller functionality pushed to our Apcera based website.   I have built three teams of 20+ engineers, and as a director at Oracle I lead a team with 3 managers and 25 employees in three countries.  I hired, fired, trained and mentored. I worked closely with both in-house and outside recruiting designing the interview screening, phone and on-site processes.  I have managed distributed teams since 2007, having dealt both with multi-site/multi-country environments as well and a team of 30% remote engineers. I have a strong understanding of overall software system design, implementation and testing processes, including Scrum, Agile, Xtreme Programming, waterfall and test driven development.  I believe in processes that adapt to the age and size of the team, the nature of the product, and the requirements of the industry. 

As an engineer and architect I have worked on complex systems that exist right at the boundary of the OS, most specifically in distributed environments.  At Oracle I developed code for CRS which was the cluster framework that controls the RAC Oracle database.   At Embrane I designed and implemented the distributed architecture of the Embrane distributed virtual appliance.  That system used both changes to the Linux kernel and C code in the user space. At Apcera we developed a container management system similar to Kubernetes, and I designed and developed private network implementations using GoLang, IPTABLES and other techniques.

The Apcera systems ran primarily in the cloud, using AWS, GCE and Azure.  We supported several clients with a SaaS implementation that required 24×7 support from the whole organization and as engineers and managers we participated in the on-call schedule.  The scale of these systems was up to 100 VMs and 1500 containers on multiple clouds with thousands of live customers.  

The Documentation for Apcera may still be live here: https://docs.apcera.com/

As an engineer I have written production code in C, C++, GoLang, Python, Java, Perl and Bash. I’m comfortable with all these languages and can come up to speed in any of them given a few weeks of intense coding.  I’m intimately familiar with several variants of the Unix operating systems including Linux.  The code I wrote at Oracle continues to serve thousands of sites across the world, while the code at Apcera is still in production supporting Volvo driverless cars. Ericsson no longer supports the Apcera platform for any customer except Volvo. The Embrane code was purchased by Cisco and reused in other applications but the Embrane product stopped being marketed and maintained by Cisco. 

Apcera was acquired by Ericsson, and after 5 years with the company I decided to take a Sabbatical.   For over a year,I have been sailing my catamaran Ay Caramba with my wife, from California all the way to the Caribbean and Florida.  The experience has been incredibly fulfilling in many ways.  Among them, I have had to remain technically engaged during the entire trip as this boat includes a very complex set of systems.  I’ve had to diagnose everything from electrical problems, issues with an open source chart plotter, connectivity to our sat phone, water pressure, diesel engines, navigation, planning , and communications.